Who's Hilary O'Hare?

Hello there! I'm Hilary, the founder of Brain Fart Enterprises & Brain Fart Productions.

I'm an active cyclist and a nature lover. During the day, I'm a machinist and when I'm away from that, I'm an inventor. That might sound like I'm always busy (and it is), but I wouldn't have it any other way.

However, being that active isn't always easy. That's why I created these products. I wanted to find ways to make my daily life easier. Now, I want to do that share that with you!

I've always struggled with maintaining my own hair, and now that it's longer, it can be a challenge. At least, it used to be. I needed something that would keep my hair away from my face while I was working. More importantly, I didn’t want something that took a lot of work to put in. Then, I saw a yellow plastic handle on a pair of juice bottles. It caught my attention and I decided to experiment. I used my 3D printer to create a customized product that won't tangle your hair. The end result was Holdilocks™!

Being the constant busybody that I am, I had to continue creating! I know that I needed more space (who doesn't?), so I created the Lay Station™. I couldn't bother with inexpensive stands an tables that weren't sturdy or were too bulky. That's exactly why I made something that could fit into small spaces and still be functional.

After you get to know me, you'll realize that I'm a perfectionist and a clean freak! I wanted to find a way to eliminate messy cardboard boxes of wrap in my cabinets. They aren't handy when they are hidden away, but they take up too much space. I needed something that was reachable and space-saving; that's why I built the Wrap-Go-Round™. It a rotating system that allowed me to store multiple wraps and cut them.

These are just a few of my ideas that I can share with you. There are more products coming and I can't wait to get them to you!

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